Our foreign owned publishing house has 20 years of experience in publishing educational materials. Our product line includes, textbooks, workbooks, student and teacher's handbooks, atlases and other educational publications through the entire range of education for ages 6-18. Our activities include production of digital educational materials, educational games, school forms, agendas, and the organization of internet based academic competitions. We complete all aspects of publishing ourselves, such as determining target objectives, searching for and contacting authors, editing, designing, graphical work, technical editing and developing computer programs and as a final step the publications are printed in our own printing press. In order to expand our enterprise we would like to create a local branch, thus we are searching for young, dedicated colleagues.

We aspire to be among the market leaders with our publications. Thus we are primarily expecting applicants who can prove their excellence in their fields and can rise to meet the challenge of creating the best product in a given field. Our publications rely primarily on the work of local authors and editors, but in the hands of an expert the large amount of material collected through the years can significantly accelerate the process. Thus the high level knowledge of at least one foreign language is of great importance. The publishing house director and editor positions are full time positions.

The application process consists of several stages. The first two stages take place over the internet. During the first stage we inquire about the applicant's professional past in the given field. We would like to find out how experienced the applicants are in a given field, which includes answering some test like questions. During the next stage the applicants have to work out a possible solution to a concrete problem in writing. The third stage consists of a personal consultation.